Int. Capoeira Angola Workshop
July 22nd-29th in Austria


It’s the 9th time we are celebrating one week of Capoeira Angola and many other afro-brazilian manifestations at “Unterkagerer Hof” in Mühlviertel / Oberösterreich.
Mark the week from 22nd to 29th of July 2012 in your calendars and enjoy one week full of Samba de Roda, Tambor de Crioula, Afro Dance and of course Capoeira in the middle of nature! There will be delicious food, free time full of great parties with nice music and we will also have one day off to enjoy the refreshing water of a lake nearby!
This year we are pleased to experience one week with:

Mestre Marrom
Capoeira Angola Irmãos Guerreiros São Paulo

CM Forró Alágbè
(Associação Capoeira Angola Marrom Capoeira e Alunos Rio de Janeiro/Hannover)

Contra Mestre Perna
Capoeira Angola Irmãos Guerreiros Bremen|São Paulo

CM Jorge
Capoeira Angola Irmãos Guerreiros São Paulo

Murah Soares
Mestre de Dança Afro Berlin | São Paulo

Professor Kenneth
Capoeira Angola Irmãos Guerreiros Vienna | Salvador

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  1. CevadaNo Gravatar

    ich fahre am Sonntag von Augsburg ueber Muenchen nach Linz (genauer hab ich die Route noch nich geplant ;) Ich hole Faisca um 15Uhr vom Hbf in Muenchen ab, wer also da oder irgendwo auf der Strecke zusteigen will, wir haben noch 3 Plaetze frei;)

    falls ihr mit wollt, sagt einfach Bescheid:
    oder +33652292331


  2. modelitoNo Gravatar

    Suncamp2012 registration started!

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