Dia da Consciência Negra
Workshop 19.-21.11.2010
in Vienna/Austria


Friday 19.11. @ WUK Stiege 5 (Schulkollektiv), Währinger Straße 59, A-1090 Wien
19.00 -22.00 Open roda (free attendance )

Saturday 20.11. @ KMS- Grundsteingasse 46, A-1160 Wien (entrance at corner Kirchenstetterg.)
14.00 -19.00 Capoeira Angola Workshop

Saturday night: Festa brasileira@TÜWI, Peter-Jordan 76, A-1190
21:00-04:00, 4€

Sunday 21.11. @ KMS- Grundsteingasse 46, A-1160 Wien (entrance at corner Kirchenstetterg.)
14.00 -19.00 Capoeira Angola Workshop

ATTENDANCE (excl. saturday night)

  • 2 days: 40€
  • 1 day: 25€

We are looking forward to seeing you

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CREDITS (Poster artwork)
Visuell design/concept EXTRASOLARIS Studio
Photography Lisa Resatz
Model Kenneth Borges


PRESS (brief)
The “Grupo de Capoeira Angola Irmãos Guerreiros Viena” invites all of you to take part in the second event of “Dia da Consiência Negra” from 19th to 21st of November.
This year we are honoring Mario Gusmão who was born in 1928 in Cachoeira, on the day on which in Bahia the great Orixá Ogum is commemorated.

Mario Gusmão is considered as one of the biggest black contemporary actors from Bahia. Being known from many theater plays, movies, Brazilian television and furthermore from countless dance performances he evolved being an archetype an icon for the afro-baianen population.

Contramestre Perna Longa
His main work is in Bremen (Germany) were he is teaching not only Capoeira Angola but also other Afro-brazilian manifestations in his cultural center “Cazúa da cultura”

Contramestre Dorado
lives and works in Bordeaux (France). There he opened the “Centro Cultural Cajueiro” together with his students. Every year he invites different well experienced Mestres of Capoeira to develop the afro-brazilian culture in France.

by Lisa Resatz

A lot more images to find via facebook.

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    Coole Fotos………

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    DCN 2010 Fotos

  3. modelitoNo Gravatar

    Festa brasileira 20.11 @TÜWI, Peter-Jordan 76, A-1190
    21:00-04:00 Live: I Jahson/Richvibes Records and on decks: Radio Vira Mundo / Regis de Melo & Adish

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    Moin angoleros,

    Bilder vom Suncamp 2010 und anderen Workshop findet ihr jetzt auf unserer Seite.
    Grüße aus Jena und bis zum Geburtstag ;)

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    DCN2010 Programm Update

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