Capoeira Angola SUNCAMP 2010
International Capoeira Angola Workshop
July 18th-25th in Austria


The 7th time the Capoeira Angola SUNCAMP will take place from July 18th to 25th 2010
in a rural region called „Mühlviertel“ inside Austria. (like the years before)
It is a week full of Capoeira Angola, Samba de Roda, Tambor de Crioula, Maracatu
and a lot of fun for Capoeiristas and all those who admire the Capoeira Angola.
This year we are pleased to experience one week with:

Special Guest:
Mestre Pedrinho de Caxias
Teirreiro Mandinga de Angola | RJ

Contramestre Perna
Capoeira Angola Irmãos Guerreiros Bremen | São Paulo

Professor Kenneth

Capoeira Angola Irmãos Guerreiros Vienna | Salvador

Murah Soares

Mestre de Dança Afro Berlin | São Paulo

Luciano Ciranda

Maracatu Ilú Dourado / Vienna | Recife

(Professor Fubuia unfortunatly won´t make it to SUNCAMP this time)

All information about SUNCAMP 2010 you will find inside the pdf-info-sheet below.
(Use “Adobe Acrobat” or similar software to view the pdf. Links and e-mail adresses in the
document are clickable) suncamp2010_info.pdf

You have read the pdf, so move on to register directly below:

Offer some seats or join somebody going to Suncamp 2010!
This service set up an coordinated by CASCAO – thank you – should help organize carsharing.


Credits (artwork)

Poster/Flyer fotoshooting:
Idea/concept: Modelito & Lisa Resatz
Photographer: Lisa Resatz
Photographer assitant: Angela Freingruber
Graphic design: Modelito
Location: Home improvement store OBI Vösendorf / backyard area
Special thanks to all participants from GCAIG Vienna and Meia Lua Inteira Vienna.

Thank you!

Suncamp 2010 shirt:
design: Carlos Vasconcelos

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Capoeira Angola SUNCAMP 2010

Capoeira Angola SUNCAMP 2010

by Lisa Resatz

A lot more images to find via facebook.

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  1. modelitoNo Gravatar

    SC 2010 Fotos

  2. modelitoNo Gravatar

    Mach ich gern, immer wenn ich zeit hab kommen ein/zwei videos hinzu (ich verteils dann immer auch auf facebook.)
    Und wers noch nicht weiß: Auf dieser Seite/rechte Splate (External Mix) sind immer alle Videos von uns (und einigen anderen Youtubern zu sehen)

  3. elisaNo Gravatar

    danke mario fürs video bearbeiten und hochladen…. wers noch nit gesehn hat is selber schuld ;-)

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